Yale Club of Taipei’s “Yale Day of Fun!”

P1020561   The Yale Club of Taipei hosted a “Yale Day of Fun” at the beautiful law office of Pamir Law on Dunhua North Rd. Pamir partner, Nicholas V. Chen, visionary and self-professed gourmand invited Delicious Taipei to provide gourmet raw canapés for 60 of their guests. I was absolutely honoured for the invitation and very excited since I love my food projects so much. Nic’s company isn’t too bad either 😉 Pamir Law has the sexiest 12-meter long steel table that was constructed inside the building because pieces were too big, heavy and fragile to transport via crane. Ever since I first laid eyes on the gorgeous table, I have fantasized about teaching a workshop there or catering a cocktail party so when the invitation came, I was happy! In order to enhance the beauty of the table, I used plain glass trays which created the effect of the food just sitting on this vast, reflective surface. I decided to make raw beetroot and jicama ravioli with marinated shiitake mushrooms, a spicy cashew/ avo sauce and salted ginger as shown below: P1020556   P1020567

The beets and jicama are marinated in liquid amino and olive oil. The spicy cashew sauce had avo, ginger, garlic, chili, etc to create a sweet, spicy thick cream and the salted ginger added the final flavourful zing to this incredibly balanced and layered canapé. The second canapé was one of my favourites – macadamia nut pâté served on rounds of zucchini with cranberry chutney as shown above but here’s another angle:


The pate is gorgeous with fragrance of fresh rosemary and the pungent delight of fresh garlic with the tart accompaniment of cranberry. Showstopper. These canapés got lots of compliments which was great as I was a bit apprehensive about Taiwanese’s preference for cooked food over raw. The full bursting flavours in raw food always wins people over.

Finally, for something wickedly sweet but healthy, I made raw chocolate chipotle brownies.


Inspired by Susan Powers of Rawmazing, these brownies are made with dates, figs, cacao and the smoky gorgeousness of chipotle. It is subtle but warming and as always, when guests taste raw desserts, the questions about raw food in general start pouring in!

To accompany the food, local, women-run wine company, Wine Casa provided red and white Dormaine Auzias Cuvee Monsieur, with aromas of black berries and black currants.


Ellen O’Neal on the right, of Wine Casa


Betty Cheng from Pamir Law on the left, enjoying the jicama ravioli.


More guests enjoying the ravioli.



With Nicholas Chen, the man who made it all happen! Thank you, Nic and Yale Club for a lovely opportunity to showcase gourmet raw food.

Raw Asparagus Pâté with Marinated Mushrooms and Shaved Fennel

raw asparagus pate

Continuing on the theme of asparagus, here we have a raw asparagus pâté  with marinated shiitake mushrooms and shaved fennel with greens. 

Absolutely gorgeously delicious, satisfying and with a beautiful complement of acidic and sweet with the weight of nuts and delicacy of asparagus, this dish is easy to make but sumptuous to eat.  

Eat it on brown rice crackers, fresh bread or just by itself. 


NOTE: Some pre-prep time is required


1/2 cup mushrooms

1 tablespoon liquid amino

1 tablespoon olive oil

1/2 tablespoon agave nectar

Combine agave, olive oil and liquid amino in a bowl. Add chopped mushrooms. leave to marinate in the fridge for a few hours or overnight. 


1 bunch of large asparagus

a large handful of fresh thyme

a small handful of cashew nuts

1 clove of garlic

2 tablespoons of coconut oil

freshly crushed black pepper

salt to taste 

Peel the asparagus, chop into pieces then blend until smooth with the rest of the pâté  ingredients. Set in a mould in the fridge for a few hours or overnight. If you don’t have a ring mold, use a bowl which you should line with cling wrap before you pour the ingredients in. 

Fennel/ Greens (you should do this only when ready to serve)

Finely shave some fennel and roughly chop some greens of your choice (arugula would be best). If you can’t find fennel, substitute with a crunchy green apple rubbed with fresh lemon juice. 

In a bowl, sprinkle the shaved fennel and greens with a bit of salt and olive oil. Mix lightly. You don’t want to bruise the leaves or leave them too limp or they won’t stand.  


After the pâté  has set, unmold onto a serving plate then top with the greens. Strain the mushrooms. Rinse well and pat dry with a kitchen towel.Place a handful of mushrooms on top of the greens.