3-ingredient chocolate sauce

Rich, thick and delicious

You can have your chocolate sauce and eat it. Here’s a recipe for a magnesium and iron rich chocolate sauce with only three ingredients:

2 cups of toasted walnuts
1/4 cup of plantbased protein powder
1/4 cup of cacao powder

Walnuts toast fast so please watch the oven carefully. I used Sun Warrior protein powder and it has about 11 different ingredients in it like kelp, spirulina, stevia, tremella mushroom, bamboo silica etc. I must admit the stevia taste takes getting used to. If you have a sugar-free powder, use that and add your own sugar.


Invest in a good quality cacao powder. The difference between something like the Navitas brand and Hershey’s is like the difference between an aged, refined wine and Costco boxed wine.

Blend all three ingredients together for about 2-3 minutes in high speed. Leave it to thicken for a few hours in the fridge. Overnight best.

Enjoy with fresh fruit, pancakes, ice-cream or cake. It will make a great filler between cakes.

Get the recipe at RawChefPrish.com! You can have your chocolate sauce and eat it. Here’s a recipe for a magnesium and iron rich chocolate sauce with only three ingredients. Use it on pumpkin pie pancakes or enjoy with fresh fruit, ice-cream, or cake!

Fermented Vegan Cheese Class


raw, fermented tree-nut cheese

This class never gets old. It’s wonderful that people are still eager to learn how to make fermented tree-nut cheese and do it regularly at home. This time, I taught this class in collaboration with integrative nutrition school, Enliven. The founder, Dr. Lichuan Chen, earned his PhD in toxicology at the University of Kentucky and did post-doctoral research at the National Cancer Institute of the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland (outside Washington, DC). He continued his work at the Office of Alternative Medicine, now renamed National Center for Integrative Medicine.

At the age of 37 Dr.Chen discovered his medical intuitive abilities while studying human energy systems and has integrated his talents to create unique wellness systems. Presently Dr. Chen spends his time teaching in Taiwan and Malaysia and brings people to India to experience ancient Indian healing and detoxification procedures from the system known as Siddha Vaidya which pre-dates Ayurvedic medicine. (bio from: http://www.korenpublications.com).


I met Dr. Chen at my restaurant years ago and since then have always delighted in listening to his wisdom about diet and nutrition and enjoying his charismatic, warm energy. He has hundreds of loyal followers who apply his teachings to their daily lives and benefit tremendously through it.

He has written several nutrition books that have landed on the Taiwan Top 10 Best Sellers List in the nutrition category, amongst them books on healthy oils and the ketogenic diet, which he strictly follows.

When Dr. Chen found my restaurant, he became a supporter and shared news about our high fat, zero to no carb and healthy protein menu. Soon, I started teaching at his school. I love teaching at his school because people there are passionate, serious and intuitive about food and its immediate impact on the body.


素食烹飪、為你的身體、心靈和靈魂 Vegan Cooking for the Body, Mind and Soul


Join NAKEDFOOD’s Chef Prish as we learn how to cook healthy, delicious vegan dishes for you and your family. These recipes are designed to make you feel satisfied, energized and full of vitality! 歡迎您們參加裸食私廚的廚師Prish 舉辦的烹飪課程。您們將學習如何為自己和親愛的人做健康又美味的全素菜餚。這些食譜旨在讓您感到滿足,精力充沛!


Workshop I


In this workshop, Chef Prish will teach you how to make delicious appetizers for your next dinner party. These appetizers use only the freshest, seasonal ingredients and creatively focus on beautiful plating. Impress your guests with these beautiful, delicious and healthy appetizers. 在這個課程中,Prish廚師將教您如何為您下個晚宴做出美味的開胃菜。這些開胃餐點只使用最新鮮、符合時令的食材,還有創意的美麗擺盤。讓這些美麗、美味又健康的開胃菜給您客人留下深刻的印象吧。


I: kimchi gazpacho I: 泡菜冷湯

We will learn how to make a simple, probiotic-rich kimchi and then we will use the kimchi to make a creamy, protein-rich gazpacho with a fresh avocado, cucumber and apple salad. This recipe is the perfect appetizer because it prepares the palate for the entrée and it assists in better digestion because of the enzyme-rich kimchi. 我們將學習如何做出一個樸實、富含益生菌的泡菜,然後用這個泡菜做出富含蛋白質的泡菜冷濃湯,配以新鮮酪梨、黃瓜及蘋果沙拉。這道菜是個完美的開胃菜,因為它不僅能夠激活您的味蕾,讓您更好的品嘗主菜,且由於泡菜富含酶素,它也能夠協助消化系統


II: quinoa salad wrap II: 藜麥沙拉捲

This is a fibre-rich, iron-rich start to a meal with lentils, cherry tomatoes, grated pumpkin and a delicious spicy cashew-miso dipping sauce. This appetizer can also be eaten as lunch or brunch and can last in the fridge for a few days. 這是富含纖維和鐵的開胃菜,配以扁豆、小番茄、南瓜絲及美辣味的腰果味噌沾醬。這道開胃菜可以當午餐或早餐食用,並放置冰箱可保存幾天。

III: Dragonfruit Salad III: 火龍果沙拉


This appetizer is a perfect reflection of “tropical living”, using ingredients are that are local and familiar but in a totally unique way. We will make a salad cream of dragon fruit with ginger, lime, kaffir lime leaves, coconut sugar and on to that we will add freshly chopped jicama with cilantro cashew yoghurt. 這道開胃菜是”熱帶生活”的完美體現。它使用我們熟悉的在地食材,但作法完全獨特。我門是以火龍果、薑、萊姆汁、卡菲爾萊姆葉、椰子糖製作沙拉醬,再加入新鮮切碎的豆薯和香菜腰果優格。


Workshop II

Fall Entrees秋季主菜

Fall is a time to slow down, to start warming the body, a time to turn inwards and reflect in preparation for Winter’s hibernation. In our Fall class, we will learn three recipes that make use of beautiful, warming Indian spices and Fall vegetables to soothe and comfort the soul. 秋天是放慢生活節奏、開始暖身及向內反省於準備冬眠的季節。在我門的秋季課程中,我們將學習三種食譜。這些食譜使用美麗溫暖的印度香料及秋季蔬菜來舒緩及撫慰靈魂。


I: Baked Mushroom Tart I:烤蘑菇塔

Learn to cook a baked mushroom tart with Chef Prish

Learn to cook a baked mushroom tart with Chef Prish. This is a delicious, high-protein Fall dish. We will make the base out of macadamia nuts, olive oil and garlic. The filling will be a delicious combination of mushrooms, spinach, zucchini and a cream made out of sunflower seeds.

This is a delicious, high-protein Fall dish. We will make the base out of macadamia nuts, olive oil and garlic. The filling will be a delicious combination of mushrooms, spinach, zucchini and a cream made out of sunflower seeds 這是一道美味及高蛋白質的秋季菜餚。我們會以夏威夷豆、橄欖油及大蒜製作底下的餅皮。內餡是以磨菇、菠菜、櫛瓜及葵花籽奶油的組合製作的。

II: Almond Falafel with Spicy Tomato & Fig Chutney 杏仁法拉費佐番茄無花果酸辣醬


A delicious, unique recipe that is easy and fun to prepare. Almonds are a rich source of calcium, magnesium and iron. We will use chickpea flour to coat the falafel and we will combine with a delicious, sweet and spicy chutney 準備這美味獨特的食譜是很簡單又好玩的。杏仁是鈣、鎂及鐵的豐富來源。我們將法拉    上鷹嘴豆粉,然後再配美味的印度酸辣醬。

III: Puer Tea-Smoked Tofu III: 普洱茶-燻豆腐


A beautiful, simple and elegant dish. We will learn the tea-smoking technique that elevates simple tofu to gourmet level. The tofu will be served on a bed of red-beans, mushroom and fern vegetable and combined with a shitake broth. 這是個美麗、樸實及優雅的菜餚。我們將學習如何使用燻茶技術把樸實的豆腐提升到美食的水平。端出時,我們會把豆腐放在紅豆、香菇、蕨菜上再配以香菇湯。


Workshop III

Desserts 甜點

Desserts are comforting and pleasurable. Raw, vegan desserts are not only comforting and pleasurable, they are also healthy and fortifying. As Fall approaches, the body needs more grounding and warmth. In this desserts workshop, we will make three desserts perfect for Fall. 甜點讓人感到舒服和開心。裸食全素甜點不只讓人感到舒服和開心,也讓身體健康強壯。隨著秋季的來臨,我們身體更需要溫暖。在這個甜點課程中,我們將學習製作最適合在秋天食用的三種甜點。

raw chocolate.reduced

I: Raw Chocolate Ganache裸食巧克力甘納許

Who can say no to good, creamy, buttery ganache?! In this vegan version, the ganache is made from macadamia butter, maple syrup, vanilla and magnesium-rich raw cacao. You can store it in the fridge for months (not like it will last that long!) 誰能拒絕吃美味奶油狀的甘納許呢?! 這個全素板甘納許是以夏威夷奶油、楓糖、香草及富含鎂素的生可可豆製作的。您可以放置冰箱裡保存幾個月 (即使我認為您沒辦法讓它放著不吃那麼久!)

II: Raw Pumpkin Cheesecake 裸食南瓜起士蛋糕

Learn to make Raw Pumpkin Cheesecake with Chef Prish

Learn to make Raw Pumpkin Cheesecake with Chef Prish. This recipe is inspired by one of my favourite chefs, Russell James. This cheesecake is one of the best cakes, I’ve ever had. It includes fresh carrot juice, raw pumpkin, cashew, pumpkin spices and seeds and dried fruits. You will love making this and it’s also a clever way to get your children to eat their veggies!

This recipe is inspired by one of my favourite chefs, Russell James. This cheesecake is one of the best cakes, I’ve ever had. It includes fresh carrot juice, raw pumpkin, cashew, pumpkin spices and seeds and dried fruits. You will love making this and it’s also a clever way to get your children to eat their veggies! 這個食譜的靈感來自我最喜歡的廚師之一Russell James。這起士蛋糕是我吃過最好吃的蛋糕之一。它包含新鮮胡蘿蔔汁、生南瓜、腰果、南瓜香料及種子和水果乾。您會享受做這個甜點,這也是一個讓孩子吃蔬菜的巧妙方法!

III: Sweet Potato Cake 紫薯蛋糕

sweet potatao and granola crumble

Purple sweet potatoes are cooked with ginger, then blended into a sweet cream with coconut oil and coconut sugar, served with a baked oat crumble on top. 我們將紫薯及薑一起煮熟、加入椰子油和椰子糖,並將它弄成甜味奶油。端出食,再灑上燕麥碎。

Workshops available upon request. Minimum attendees 20 pax. Please email for details. 請發郵件詳情。最少十。

Springtime Juice Cleanse!

Breakfast, lunch and supper for the next few days

I’ve made a habit out of doing a serious cleanse once a year. The cleanse of choice was always the lymph system cleanse followed by the master cleanse. I don’t care what some people say about the master cleanse. It works. I know this because I saw it working on my liver and digestive system. What makes a cleanse fail is what you do or don’t do after you get off it. If you break your cleanse with a candy bar, you deserve to have your head checked. Ok, that was an exaggerated example but I know people who do similar such things. Sustaining your diet after the cleanse is of empirical importance. Cleanses to sustaining diets is like yoga asanas is to pranayama. The asanas are practiced to arrive at the breath. The asanas are the cleanses and the pranayama is the sustaining diet.

This time, I got back from a month-long trip in South Africa and shortly thereafter a whirlwind long weekend in Shanghai. I needed to cleanse not only my body but also my mind. My body was in shock from a particularly traumatising experience with someone close to me and my mind was unsettled. All the comfort food I ate at home was weighing me down. And Shanghai, well…you know how it goes. Please understand that I love the food at home and will always return to it when I go back home, but it is no longer the sustaining diet that I enjoy at this point in my life.

When cleansing, it is really important to make sure your body can support the cleanse. It is very dangerous to go from eating steak on Sunday to going directly onto a fast on Monday. It is shocking for the body. It is not equipped to make that sudden switch so quickly. Above that, the lymph system, which drains the body of toxins, may suffer from an overload of toxins streaming out of your body and will itself, not be cleansed and prepared to assist that release. It’s like trying to pour dirty bath water out of a clogged drain hole. Makes no sense and causes more damage. This is why I prepare my body to fast or cleanse by doing a pre-cleanse.

A pre-cleanse usually spanning four days, which includes a mono-diet, slows down digestion, quietens your internal state and prepares the digestive system for a period of deeper rest with no food. Why does the digestive system need to rest in the first place? So that it can go into cellular repair and rejuvenation. So it can heal. Believe me when I say I feel like I can fly after a cleanse or fast.

The pre-cleanse I choose to do is the lymph system cleanse created by Dr. John Douillard. It is an Ayurvedic  4-day cleanse which kicks my butt every time I do it. The cleanse involves a mono-diet of kitcheree for breakfast, lunch and supper and the taking of Ayurvedic powders to clean and replenish the blood, drain the lymphatic system (can you say Ooooow! Pretty painful the first time) and keep the digestive fires burning. Then there’s the daily 20 minute epsom salt bath (heaven) and the lymph massage oil (hell). It’s four days and you’re eating breakfast, lunch and supper but it’s more challenging than a ten-day no-food master cleanse. Why is that? It’s because emotions are stored in fat cells and you are purging those cells so if you have any monsters in the closet, they’re going to come out and play. Let them. They’ll be gone in four days and you will feel amazing. If your relationship survives, all the more power to you. Ha!

Read about the lymph system cleanse and if you need any help, let me know. http://lifespa.com/short-home-cleanse/

So, after these four days of lymph-cleansing, my Beloved and I continued on to our juice cleanse. This was the first time we did it and to be honest, I wasn’t very happy about it because I did not want to be consuming anything at all. The master cleanse does a clean, thorough strip so I thought ingesting juices was going to take away from that.

I was wrong.

orange, green and red

orange, green and red

One of the sinking feelings that I anticipate when being on a cleanse is feeling deprived of food. Mentally, that is the toughest challenge for anyone going on a fast or cleanse, especially for me who works with food. But on the juice cleanse, I did not once feel deprived of food because the raw juice that I filled myself with for breakfast, lunch and supper was giving me MORE than the food I would have eaten would have given me. I felt energized, focused, happy, filled with gratitude for everything and everyone in my life and also – really able to let go of that painful situation I referred to in the first paragraph.

I don’t know about you but for me when I go away on long holidays, it takes a really long time for my mind to switch back into gear when I return. So much of what I do work-wise depends on my own creative energy, thoughts and actions. When I come back, I feel like a baby hippo learning to swim but not quite getting it, kinda wading haphazardly and flopping about in the mud rather inelegantly. That is me when I get back from holiday. My Beloved is very patient and kind and never frowns at me when I loll in said “mud” (our bed) until 9:30 in the morning bellowing for my almond milk. Ah, but this in itself deserves a whole other blog entry. Going on the juice cleanse soon after returning, saved me from that pathetic, lethargic period. I became focused and driven.

Ok, yeah, yeah, yeah I know I’m starting to sound like Mary Poppins. What’s the pain-in-the-butt part of this cleanse? THE JUICING! It is a pain in the butt. Well, it WAS, until we bought a Breville juicer. The Breville was the juicer of choice featured in the perspective-shifting documentary, “Sick, Fat and Nearly Dead” about morbidly obese Australian, Joe Cross who sick with a debilitating disease, on 15 different pills  day, drops his meds and road trips across The USA, talking to people about health, illness and juicing. It is a must-watch.

Breville, the beast

pulp container on the left and 1.2 litre juice jug on the right. The chute is large enough to pulverize a whole, large apple and a large English cucumber


The juice extractor on the right extracts juice. The froojie on the left makes smoothies out of soft fruits like mango and strawberry

The amount of juiced vegetables you consume in one day is huge. I think we were spending between NT600 -NT800 on vegetables and fruit per day. For breakfast, lunch and supper for two people, that is awfully cheap but if you think of volume and mass – we had cabbages on our couches, beets on the coffee table, lemons near the pot plants and apples coming out of our ears! But, it had to be done. No way could we go shopping every, single day. It was fun, running through different parts of the apartment to get our goods for juicing. I used the opportunity to pretend I was on Masterchef with Gordon Ramsey saying, “Your 5 minutes in the pantry starts…NOW!”

The Breville is something of a beast but a very elegant one. It swallows whole vegetables and fruits down its extra-large chute and as you gently push the whole vegetables and fruits down, it spins juice into its 1.2 litre jug and collects the pulp in a 3 litre jug.


In goes a whole, large apple


Now, a Taiwan-size carrot

It also comes with a handy booklet of recipes for the pulp.Very thoughtful. Cleaning it is a cinch, too. You can imagine how happy I was tossing whole apples, carrots, cucumbers and large chunks of ginger into the chute.

So, what recipes did we follow? Some amazing ones from a site called “What’s Gaby Cooking?” In her post,Juice Cleanse 101, she suggested 6 to 7 drinks a day of:


That sounds like a lot of juice and going on the size of vegetables available in Taiwan, I only needed 2 to 3 drinks a day. Water supplemented a lot as well and actually made me feel so good. If your other half has facial hair, then he/ she (haha) may need more.


The green drink has spinach, kale, romaine (I used bok choy instead), parsley, cucumber, apple and ginger


The orange drink has carrots (LOTS), an orange, an apple (I left this out), tumeric root (I used powder) and I added ginger because I don’t like it sweet


The red drink has beets, an apple a bunch of spinach, oranges and ginger. This was my least favourite one because it is overwhelmingly sweet. I like to drink my beets with balsamic only. You can just drink more green in place of the beets.

The best juices are the simplest ones without too many components in it. Green is green, orange is orange and red is red and they each intelligently focus on different areas of the body. You give it time to do its thing by waiting at least two hours between each drink and chugging down as much water as you can. Drinking water is crucial. It washes toxins always, moves vitamins and nutrients where they need to be moved and energises and hydrates you.

Why the different colours?

Read about the Benefits Of Green Food

Read about orange foods: Orange Equals Healthy

Read about 10 Healthiest Red Foods

A few days into the cleanse and I was feeling pretty amazing. Now that I have finished, my Beloved and I are sure to have a green, red or orange drink every, single day. As the weather warms up and reaches boiling point in Taipei, I am sure we will be having more than one drink in place of food. I urge you to try it. I would say try it for a minimum of 14 days to see real changes. I did a total of ten days with the lymph cleanse but next time I will do all 14 days on juice.


If you can understand that this time of cleansing is not a sacrifice but a gift that you are giving to yourself, if you can appreciate the rewards, if you can see the long-term benefits, do it! But if you enter into it with a state of suffering and deprivation in your mind, it will be a job half done, a gift half-received.

Raw Chocolate

My home-made green tea raw truffles

Since meeting raw chocolate, I have fallen in love with it. The idea of making chocolate in my kitchen gave me Goddess status. It’s not just the romance of chocolate that I love, it’s the history it was borne out of, its explicit ritualistic aspect, it’s properties of fertility, heart-mind balancing powers.

Raw chocolate is as different from regular commercial-grade chocolate as a high-end wine is different to a cocktail out of a can! There is no comparison. The effects of eating either are polar opposites. Raw chocolate makes you feel vital, alive and happy and regular chocolate makes you feel awful, tired and drained.

I recently bought the book,Naked Chocolate: The Astonishing Truth About the World’s Greatest Food and in between reading it, experienced a chocolate-tasting (not raw but so pure and good) on one of the most gorgeous, sprawling wine estates of Paarl, South Africa, called DV Chocolate and then finally sampled some raw chocolate at the small and sparse chocolate boutique in downtown Cape Town called  Honest Chocolate.

To be honest, the information contained in Naked Chocolate was not astonishing at all but it was interesting. Now I know that when I feeling the monthly blues and instinctively reach for my 85% slab of chocolate (which we always have a steady supply of), my body is craving magnesium:

“Cacao is the world’s best source of natural magnesium and a diet rich in magnesium contributes towards a healthy heart, encourages brain activity, soothes menstrual cramps, encourages strong peristalsis, increases flexibility and develops healthy bones.” (Naked Chocolate)

It goes on to say that magnesium is a primary alkaline mineral and that it opens up 300 possible detoxification pathways in the body. Chocolate detox? Name the day and I’ll be there!

Now this heart-mind connection the book talks about isn’t just hippy piffle. Shame on you for thinking that. according to Naked Chocolate, magnesium is concentrated 18 times more in the heart muscle than it is in the blood stream. Usually heart problems = colloratory deficiency in magnesium. Eat your chocolate, goddamnit!

Also, magnesium improves the overall vigour of the heart by decreasing blood coagulation, allowing blood to flow more freely and actively through the blood vessels which in turn decrease blood pressure.

Beyond and above it super food status, the burning question on my mind was:

“How does raw cacao maintain its rawness throughout the bean-to-bar process?”

According to the information I received at the chocolate-tasting and from the book, Naked Chocolate, this is the standard bean-to-bar process:

  • the seeds (cacao) are removed from the fibrous husks with the milky goopy pulp still attached to the seeds
  • they are laid down on large leaves and left to ferment for 3 – 5 days
  • during these few days, the seeds slightly germinate in the acidic fermentation pulp
  • the pulp dries up then the seeds are taken to be air-dried/ sun-dried (about 2 weeks)
  • the seeds are turned every few hours to maintain an even temperature and to keep enzyme levels active

Then comes roasting – for raw chocolate, the roasting is kept very light. For cooked chocolate, temperatures go into the hundreds of degrees. During the roasting process, the flavour compounds we have come to know as “chocolate” are released. Here’s the science according to Naked Chocolate:

In roasting – “The freed amino acids combine with sugars and other elements to create compounds that have different taste sensations.” Think fruity, earthy, spicy tones, etc

That is why raw chocolate does not really have a real chocolatey flavour – the roasting is kept to below 45 – 50 degrees celsius, ensuring that the antioxidants are alive and kicking at full throttle as opposed to the only 20% still-functioning anti-oxidant level in cooked chocolate.

After sampling the raw chocolate from Honest Chocolate, I could finally find a comparison to my own. I noted that the chocolate from Honest Chocolate was light and fruity while my own raw chocolate is slightly heavier and intense. My palate is usually drawn to bitter, salty and dry flavour experiences so when I make chocolate, I work in a lot of the cacao.

So, there you go….some background about raw chocolate. In the next post, I will assault you with many pictures of my own retailed chocolate.