Carrot-Oat-Coconut Balls 胡蘿蔔-燕麥-椰子球

P1060639If you tend to juice regularly, get the most out of your juicing experience and upcycle all that fabulous pulp. You get a healthy dose of phytonutrients and enzymes in the juice then a good dose of fibre and a satisfying and healthy snack to boot. The look of these snack balls above remind me of the Indian dessert – ladoo. Here’s a pic:


Whereas the Indian ladoo is made from chickpea flour, tons of ghee and sugar, mine are made from raw carrot pulp, coconut oil and oat flour. You can add cardamom for a hit of nostalgia (if you have eaten and loved the Indian version before.

印度拉杜是以鷹嘴豆粉,大量的酥油和糖製成的,而我的是以生胡蘿蔔果肉、椰子油及燕麥粉製成的。您也可以加豆蔻增加點懷舊感 (若您有吃過,並喜歡印度版的)食譜:


2 cups carrot pulp/ 2杯胡蘿蔔果肉

1 cup of ground oats (or whole, as you wish)/1杯燕麥粉 (或全燕麥,隨意)

1 cup of dessicated coconut/1杯椰子絲

1/4 cup coconut oi/ 1/4 椰子油

1/2 cup maple/ 1/2 杯子楓糖

1 cup of raisins/1 杯葡萄乾

1 tsp cardomam powder/ 1茶匙荳蔻

chuck in some flaked almonds and cardamom if you wish/您也可以灑上杏仁片和豆蔻,看您口味

Using your hands, mix everything up well. Form into balls, and set in the fridge. They are very filling so don’t eat them to close to meal times. Good to have when you’re on the run. I’m also guessing these would be nice gifts for your friends 🙂


Enjoy!! 好好享用吧!!

The Breakfast Bowl of Love

P1030279NOTE: Prep time required

Please forgive my crappy photo set-up here. I was overly excited about having a bag of raw cacao nibs in the house so went a bit overboard with layout. However, look! We have raw cocoa nibs in Taipei! Could not believe it when a friend from another city in Taiwan, sent me images of the nibs she found in her city. So Amber, my assistant and I, tracked the company down which resulted in a meeting, a gift bag of nibs and powder and the possibility of collaboration. All good.

Let’s get on with it, then. The Breakfast Bowl of Love is made for typhoon days like this, or cooler Fall weather. It’s packed with so much amazing nutrition, but also layered with warming flavours and smooth to crunchy textures which create a complete experience for eyes, mouth, nose, heart and belly:-) I made this recipe for two. As usual, I didn’t measure anything. That is going to take some time for me to be consistent with. It feels like it’s taking away from the creative experience, but I will do it.

2 coconuts

1.5 cup coconut water

3 tablespoons chia seed

3 tbls raw cacao nibs

1 cup crushed pistachio nuts

5 – 6 crushed cardamom seeds

Blend the meat of both coconuts with 1.5 cups of coconut water. Blend till smooth. Slowly add chia and blend till incorporated.

P1030287Remove the coconut/chia mixture from the blender and pour into two small breakfast bowls. Divide the cacao nibs and pistachios between both bowls but hold some back for garnishing. Stir the nibs and nuts in. Let it set for a few hours or overnight in the fridge. When you are ready to serve, top the bowls with more nibs and pistachios. Crush the cardamom and sprinkle on top. This will keep your belly full for half the day and give you loads of energy and warmth.


Raw Coconut Ganache Tart

Raw Coconut Chocolate Ganache

My first love into raw food was Susan Powers of Rawmazing. I first discovered raw food after a meat-infused month and a half in both South Africa and the US. Upon returning to Taipei, my Beloved and I who are generally not used to eating meat at all, felt heavy and lethargic so we did a 12-day detox and during those 12 days, I reserached healthier eating options and that’s when I found Susan Powers.

Her recipes are gorgeous and healthy and her desserts and killer. This one down below is based on her own recipe, Cacao Coconut Ganache Tart. Being a chocolate-lover and big fan of hers, I decided to try this incredibly simple recipe. Even though it’s so simple, the gourmet factor is very high.

chocolate coconut cake

The addition of fresh pomegranate seeds bolsters and balances the rich thickness of the raw ganache and excites the taste buds even further.

I use Raw cacao from Bali and must say that I find its chocolatey-ness much richer than most.