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I started this raw, vegan blog in 2012 and took a hiatus from 2014 – 2018 after I opened Taiwan’s first contemporary, raw vegan restaurant, NAKEDFOOD. It was the best and most brilliant beginning to my career as a raw, vegan chef and business owner. I learned so much and met so many amazing, inspiring people that the pathway carved by my beautiful restaurant has allowed me to close it and focus on what my heart truly desires, more creative projects with dynamic global collaborators.

Returning to my blog has been such a joy as I can track my humble beginnings in my simple home kitchen until now where I have catered some of the biggest international brands.

Where there is passion, there is fuel. I invite you to follow my blog, try out the recipes, contact me if you have any catering or consultancy needs. If you are a brand looking for a creative pop-up event to reach your target audience in an unforgettable way, I’m just a mouse click away.

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  1. Do you have a restaurant in Taipei? I will be visiting there in February 2015. Love to try out your cruisine. I am only 2/3 of raw, so the last 1/3 is quite difficult to leap into. Also, I may move back to Taiwan, so explore the food possiblities in advance. Do you alway buy organic foods?


    • So sorry about the late reply! I have indeed opened a raw vegan restaurant and that’s why I’m not on this blog anymore. Find “NAKEDFOOD by Delicious Taipei” on Facebook. We start our brunch/ lunch service in Feb.


  2. Your blog and recipes look fantastic! I had no idea this was happening in Taipei! Do you have a restaurant or take orders that can be delivered? Or just any way I can taste your cooking? I’ve been a health food enthusiast myself so it’s just amazing to see what you do here. Would love to hear back!


    • Hi, so sorry for the late reply. I have indeed opened a restaurant and that’s why I haven’t been on this blog. Please find “NAKEDFOOD by Delicious Taipei” on Facebook. Right now we have a light livingroom menu and will be starting our brunch/ lunch service in Feb 🙂


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