Carrot Chocolate Squares (yes, of course it’s raw)

P1070317Up to my eyeballs in carrot pulp. I love what carrots do for my skin – bright glow almost instantly. I made this raw carrot curry soup with lots of fresh tumeric and miso. It’s from “Everyday Raw Detox” by Matthew Kenney and Meredith Baird:

P1070304I cannot reproduce the recipe here but will say that this recipe is outstanding if you appreciate the full and beautiful violence of flavours as is contained when fresh tumeric and ginger root are used. When I use these roots it is because I am defending my body against potential ill health, not because of the flavour – well, this applies to tumeric. I love the taste of ginger as well as its burn. With tumeric, I just thank it without a smile on my face. Heart full of gratitude.

So…that left me with buckets of carrot pulp, out of which I made an exceptional “fish” dish as well as these carrot chocolate squares.

P1070326Enough babbling, here’s the recipe:

2 cups of carrot pulp

4 cups of oats

(or 3 cups of oats and 1 cup of flaked almond/ chopped almonds/ almond powder)

2 cups of date paste (soak dates in hot water then blend till pastey)

1 cup of raisins

1 cup of cacao nibs

1/2 cup of honey/ maple (taste after you add, you may like it sweeter)

2 tsp of cinnamon

1 tsp of clove powder

2 tsp of ginger powder

I suggest doing the mixing by hand as it gives you more differentiated texture. Chuck your date paste and honey in with the pulp, oats, almonds, cacao nibs and raisins as well as spices and plough that mother down until you have a dough. Press it into a lined over tray then refrigerate. A few hours should do the trick.

Make a quick raw ganache:

1/4 cup melted coconut oil (GOOD fat!)

1/4 cup honey

1/2 – 1 cup of raw cacao powder (this is available in Taiwan and please don’t cut corners, get this. Hershey’s is NOT raw!)

Whisk all three together, pour the ganache over then set in the fridge once again. The cut, remove from the oven tray onto a board and slice into squares.



The Lymph System Cleanse

Papaya, Kiwi, Purple Cabbage Salad As we approach Spring, lots of us will be cleansing, renewing and rejuvenating. Because we are bombarded with information about cleanses and detoxes, we have lost the sense of intuition and also applied study into how to go about doing a cleanse with responsibility to the body’s natural functions, its pathways and its rythmns.

Many of us, unknowingly hurt our bodies in our mad quests to be healthy. I do believe that cleanses like the Master Cleanse and a few days of juice fasting does wonders for the body as I have had first-hand experience. But, what matters more than the actual cleanse is how you prepare the body to receive the cleanse and how you assist your body in continuing a sustained healthy environment.

I’ve seen and heard people either preparing for, coming off or giving up halfway through a cleanse in the most disturbing ways, like stuffing a massive cheese burger the night before fasting for a week, or having bits of candy and chocolate just “once or twice” whilst ON a cleanse to having a huge steak as a celebration for “surviving” a cleanse.

At best, those are stupid decisions and at worst, it puts your body into a state of shock. I was one of those stupid people. The very first time I did the master cleanse five years ago, I made these mistakes:

  • I went into it in state of fear
  • I thought I was sacrificing something
  • I felt I was in suffering
  • I did it in Winter (big no-no)
  • I cheated
  • I got the shakes, dizzyness and fatigue from not preparing my body
  • I gave up

Horrible experience. Now I know that when I go into a cleanse, I should:

  • do a cleanse only in Spring, Summer or Autumn
  • look forward to it
  • thank myself for allowing me to rejuvenate and elevate my health
  • clean out the plumbing before I push toxins on a marathon through my blood vessels and pipes

P1000742What is cleaning the plumbing all about? It is the cleansing of the lymph system which drains and detoxifies all the nasties that we ingest. The lymph system is also a circulatory system. If your lymph system is stagnant through blockages, what happens to all those toxins you are trying to push through this stagnant system while you’re doing a cleanse?? It creates even more blockages and thus stresses the lymph system out even more, causing more longterm damage.

Clean the pipes before you wash the engine so the dirty water can flow unobstructed down and out. I have been following DR. John Douillard for about 4 years now. Every year, I do Short Home Cleanse (4 days only) for my lymph system and about two years ago, I followed the lymph cleanse directly into the master cleanse for a further 8 days and felt absolute peace, calm and groundedness for those proceeding 8 days. No sense of loss, sacrifice, fear or anything. Just a sense of happiness. When I had enough, the decision to stop was a happy one.

I don’t remember how I found Dr. John Doulliard, but the thing that struck me about him was his balanced Eastern/ Western approach to medicine, as he was the former Director of Player Development for the New Jersey Nets NBA team and is presently, the director of LifeSpa Ayurvedic Retreat Center in Boulder, CO. His videos are inspiring and his articles are knowledgable. I trust his Ayuverdic approach and have witnessed it work in my life.

If you are thinking of doing a cleanse this Spring, I highly recommend preparing your body first with the short home cleanse before you get deeper into a different cleanse. Also, read up about how to come off a cleanse.Dr. Doiullard recommends a fresh juice, a few hours later a small salad and finally a light meal perhaps the next day.

Take good care of your body. It can do magical things if you assist it well. P1000185