Delicious Taipei’s Menu Consultancy Project at Me:Liu Art Gallery

Delicious Taipei was invited to present and teach 2 raw dishes for the menu of Taichung art gallery, Me:Liu 彌留. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to showcase two exquisite dishes and honoured that an establishment as sophisticated as Me:Liu saw the value of raw cuisine.


The wonderful staff at Me:Liu Art Gallery


Talking through basics of raw


We did this bilingually:-)


Totally happy about working in such a beautiful place with such beautiful people.

P1040269 P1040272 P1040274 P1040280 P1040283 P1040300 P1040301 P1040302 P1040303 P1040304 P1040305 P1040307 P1040308 P1040313 P1040315 P1040316 P1040317 P1040318 P1040319 P1040272 P1040273 P1040278 P1040280 P1040289 P1040290 P1040292 P1040325 P1040329 P1040328 P1040327 P1040326 P1040295

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