Delicious Taipei’s Menu Consultancy Project at Me:Liu Art Gallery


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Delicious Taipei was invited to present and teach 2 raw dishes for the menu of Taichung art gallery, Me:Liu 彌留. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to showcase two exquisite dishes and honoured that an establishment as sophisticated as … Continue reading

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The Breakfast Bowl of Love

P1030279NOTE: Prep time required

Please forgive my crappy photo set-up here. I was overly excited about having a bag of raw cacao nibs in the house so went a bit overboard with layout. However, look! We have raw cocoa nibs in Taipei! Could not believe it when a friend from another city in Taiwan, sent me images of the nibs she found in her city. So Amber, my assistant and I, tracked the company down which resulted in a meeting, a gift bag of nibs and powder and the possibility of collaboration. All good.

Let’s get on with it, then. The Breakfast Bowl of Love is made for typhoon days like this, or cooler Fall weather. It’s packed with so much amazing nutrition, but also layered with warming flavours and smooth to crunchy textures which create a complete experience for eyes, mouth, nose, heart and belly:-) I made this recipe for two. As usual, I didn’t measure anything. That is going to take some time for me to be consistent with. It feels like it’s taking away from the creative experience, but I will do it.

2 coconuts

1.5 cup coconut water

3 tablespoons chia seed

3 tbls raw cacao nibs

1 cup crushed pistachio nuts

5 – 6 crushed cardamom seeds

Blend the meat of both coconuts with 1.5 cups of coconut water. Blend till smooth. Slowly add chia and blend till incorporated.

P1030287Remove the coconut/chia mixture from the blender and pour into two small breakfast bowls. Divide the cacao nibs and pistachios between both bowls but hold some back for garnishing. Stir the nibs and nuts in. Let it set for a few hours or overnight in the fridge. When you are ready to serve, top the bowls with more nibs and pistachios. Crush the cardamom and sprinkle on top. This will keep your belly full for half the day and give you loads of energy and warmth.


Pickled Bitter Gourd

P1030207Sour. Spicy. Aromatic. Musky. Zesty. Gorgeous.


Wash, core and thinly slice your gourd (I used about 8 small, green ones)

Add the following to a pickling jar

1 cup of apple cider vinegar

1 cup of filtered water

3/4 tsp salt

4 or 5 bruised/ smashed cloves of garlic

2 tsp of roughly-chopped old ginger

1 finely sliced small chili (you want a good amount of heat)

1 tsp of cloves

3 star anise

Then, chuck in your sliced gourd. Lid tightly and let it stand on your counter for 3 days. It will then be ready to be eaten.

Approach with abandon.












Blueberries and Cream “Kefir”

Raw Chef Prish - Get the Recipe for Blueberries and Cream ‘Kefir’

Blueberries and Cream “Kefir” looks like a heavy smoothie but it has the lightest of textures and belly-feel.

I’m actually smiling as I write this. Well no. I was smiling a few minutes ago. Now I’m just feeling like a trussed turkey in this heat. But the reason I was smiling is because I was sipping on this fantastic blended fruit tonic called Blueberries and Cream “Kefir”.

It looks like a heavy smoothie but it has the lightest of textures and belly-feel. I can’t really handle milkshakes and smoothies. I’m too, uh, delicate. So this use of a non-dairy nut milk is perfect for my kapha dosha constitution. Also, berries are constituted as an astringent, dry fruit which is also perfect for kapha types.

I found this gorgeous recipe from Meredith Baird, partner to Matthew Kenney, King of all raw foodists. In her description, Baird says about blueberries that they improve memory and stabilize the nervous system. They are also low in calories and sugar. The addition of probiotics gives it an extra digestive boost. She closes by saying that this is  a great smoothie to give to kids before school.

Before we go further, the question is, “What is kefir?” Very simply, kefir is a fermented drink made up of yeasts and bacteria, packed with nutrients and vitamins and good for your belly garden. The reason why kefir is in quotation marks is because this smoothie simply has the probiotic powder and not the actual kefir.


This is the dairy-free probiotic powder I use which can easily be bought at any organic store.


Here’s the recipe:

2 cups fresh or frozen blueberries

1 banana

1 probiotic satchet

2 cups of your favorite nut mylk


Soak 1 cup of almonds overnight then blend with 2 cups of water on high speed. Place a nut mylk bag in a measuring jug then pour the mylk out. Squeeze the excess liquid out through the bag. This is your nut mylk. Use the pulp to make cookies or dry to use as flour.

Blend the berries, probiotic, banana and mylk until smooth.