Juice Pulp Idea



So you’re pulping like a maniac because you’ve realized how amazing vegetable juices are, making you feel energetic, focused and healthy. But what do you do with that mountain of pulp that is slowly growing as high as the wallls in your home?

Here’s one idea – turn them into vegetable scones. Here’s the recipe:

Spelt flour mixed with the vegetable pulp, water and oil

Spelt flour mixed with the vegetable pulp, water and oil

I didn’t take any measurements so please just feel your way through. I’ll give you a rough idea. The pulp in this picture contains kale, bok choy,spinach, celery, English cucumber, a hunk of ginger, two apples and 1 lemon.

Put the pulp in and add your flour. I used spelt because it’s what our ancestors subsisted on and wanted to see what it was like. Add to the bowl, cumin, paprika, onion powder, five spice, coriander, fennel, crushed black pepper and salt. Mix it all in then add as much oil and water as you need to make a firm but pliable dough as below.



I did not add yeast. Perhaps I should have. Let it rest anyway. I always believe that resting your food in the production process, is good.

Next, form the dough into scones.




Bake it then eat it with a hearty black lentil or red bean soup.

Now I must be honest with you. I did not refer to any recipes and I don’t know how to make scones. I just improvised. Therefore the texture of my scones were hard. Embarrassingly hard. I threw one at the wall and it bounced off.

My Beloved enjoyed them, layered with butter, dunked in soup. I couldn’t eat them. I am just trying to inspire an idea in you. Now if you have a pulp idea, please share with me. I could learn a thing or two 😛


2 thoughts on “Juice Pulp Idea

    • Good luck:-) Let me know how they turn up. I know nothing about scones. Like, how do you make them edible?! Haha:-)


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