Sprouted Brown Rice

sprouted brown rice

sprouted brown rice

Brown rice is a vegan’s best friend. It is gluten-free and rich in minerals and B-vitamins. It is a whole grain and compared to other rice, higher in magnesium and other minerals and higher in fibre. 

By soaking and sprouting your rice, you are neutralizing enzyme inhibitors that make grains difficult to digest. Also, the naturally-occuring phytic acid, which prevents grains, nuts and seeds from germinating until they have access to sunlight and water is neutralized by soaking and sprouting.

By soaking and sprouting your grains, nuts and seeds, you are encouraging a higher level of enzyme activity in the rice thus adding to your body, a greater ratio of digestive enzymes than you would with unsprouted rice.

Brown rice takes one day to soak and two days to sprout.


Here’s how:

Put two cups of organic brown rice in a large bowl of water, cover with a cloth and soak for 24 hours. I just left mine on the counter top. After the 24 hours are up, rinse the rice a few times over and place in a sieve. I use a flat-based sieve that are really easy to get in Taipei. Cover the sieve with cheese cloth or a section of a nut milk bag and secure around the perimeter with an elastic band. Place the rice in a dark cupboard. Every 6-8 hours, thoroughly rinse the rice and make sure no water is left standing inside, then return to cupboard. You don’t want mold to develop so make sure you rinse thoroughly and that there is no water left standing. Also, using the elastic band prevents bugs from getting into the rice. After two days, your rice will be sprouted.

2 thoughts on “Sprouted Brown Rice

  1. Nice, I had no idea you could that, let alone, that rice could sprout. The question now, is how to do you cook it? 🙂


    • Hey Taiwanvore:-) I am using these to make raw BBQ crackers. I believe that the nutrients will be more alive if it’s not cooked. Having said that, tons of people sprout then cook. I can say I see some value in that as soaking then sprouting neutralizes the phytic acid. What that would translate into is that digestibility is much easier once phytic acid is neutralized so you don’t feel uncomfortable, gassy or bloated.


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