Baked Asian Pear with Mixed Spice and Walnuts

Baked Asian Pears

A favourite Fall dessert of mine, baked pears are delicious. Asian pears in Taiwan are huge and taste like a cross between an apple and a William pear. They are also used to treat lung illnesses as it is known to lubricate the lungs and dissolve mucus.

Even though it’s Spring, the weather often dances between cool and hot. Since the weather was cooler than usual, I made this dessert for my guest last night. His name is Michael Max and he does needle-less acupuncture. He runs the St. Louis Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine clinic in St. Louis, Missouri and often visits Taipei.

Needless to say, we thoroughly enjoyed these baked Asian pears accompanied by some raw mole truffles.


Slice the Asian pear in half and core both halves.

Rub generous amounts of good olive oil on the outside and inside.

Sprinkle mixed spice over the sliced surfaces.

Press cloves all around the outer edges.

Fill the cavity with roughly chopped walnuts.

Drizzle honey over the nuts and bake at an average to low temperature for about 2 hours.

Here’s how to make mixed spice:

1 tbsp cinnamon, ground

1 tsp coriander, ground

1 tsp nutmeg, ground

1/2 tsp ginger, ground

1/4 tsp allspice, ground

1/4 tsp cloves, ground

via How to Make Mixed Spice – wikiHow.

You can also add cocoa powder or chili/smoke paprika/ chipotle…the options are endless.



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