Delicious Taipei featured monthly in Taiwan’s “Country Road” (鄉間小路)

The journalists at Taiwan’s Country Road magazine attended one of our raw food workshops and thereafter invited us to participate on a monthly basis in their magazine. The way it works is that each month an organic, local vegetable is chosen and different cooks are asked to work with it in their own unique way.

For the month of February, the vegetable we worked with was broccoli. I’m a huge fan of broccoli and love eating it raw. I decided to make one of Russell James’s amazing recipes in which broccoli is a star! The dish was Raw Purple Pasta with Walnut Pesto Recipe | The Raw Chef – Raw Food Recipes and I was blown away with the vibrance and full palate indulgence that the amazing Mr. Russell created as well.

We are so pleased for this opportunity to join the Country Road team as it means more and more local people will learn about raw food.