Raw Taipei Workshop I

As part of Delicious Taipei’s workshop portfolio, raw food workshops feature prominently. Some folk in Taipei are very curious about raw food and especially about nutrition and health. Delicious Taipei worked with raw food chef and integrative nutritionist from the Czech Republic, Adela Stoulilova and formulated a series of raw food tours called “Raw Taipei”.

In our first workshop, we had the pleasure hosting the workshop at a beautiful farm school in the north of Taipei County in a suburb called Beitou. The idea of working with raw food in a beautiful, natural environment is not a common one in Taipei, a city which is space-starved and frenetic of pace.

Judging by the looks on every participants’ face and the fact that a few stayed behind to enjoy the beautiful surroundings long after we were done, we thought it was a job well done. Over 20 people signed up for this workshop and they really enjoyed getting to know each other.

The Integrated Arts Education Association (IAEA) or the farm school as it is most often referred to as, holds classes in permaculture, music therapy, yoga, cooking and movement to autistic and special needs children. The childen have lots of space to freely express themselves, to learn how to grow vegetables, to understand and practice community and to play with the resident alpacas on the property!

If you read Mandarin, follow this link to find out more about IAEA: 臺北市藝術統合教育研究會 IAEA Taipei

For this first workshop,  Adela spoke about the benefits of raw and a few simple “to-do’s” for everyday raw. She showed everyone how to make pumpkin seed milk and followed that by turning it into a smoothie.

Thereafter, she taught everyone the art of making raw tacos, using leaves as the taco shell, walnuts seasoned with liquid amino and cumin as the meat, a hearty salsa and a sour cream made from cashews.

For dessert, the participants watch Adela create a tart base using nuts and dates, fill it with a raw nut cream and top with freshly cut summer fruits for the perfect summer fruit tarts.

The ease of the workshop recipes, coupled with the community feel in a beautiful location kicked this workshop series off to a great start.

The coconut oil for this workshop was proudly sponsored by iGzen 愛居人 | iGzen 愛居人. where the oil is available online.

2 thoughts on “Raw Taipei Workshop I

  1. Can you let me know when the next workshop is? I am also a big fan of raw eating and would like to learn more. Thanks, Jen


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